We are excited about our partnerships with people and programs in other parts of the world as well as in our local community. On this Missions page we hope you will catch a glimpse of the joy we have in sharing the good news of Jesus and will be reminded to pray for those that depend on our love and support.

We encourage everyone at Immanuel to discover how they are connected to missions — within our own neighborhood and reaching out around the world to others.



To see the people of our church passionate about sending healthy missionaries demonstrated by praying, giving and going.


The purpose of the missions team is to promote the cause of missions in our church and support those who serve as missionaries.

To fulfill this purpose we will:
1. Serve as liaisons between our church and its missionaries.
2. Pray for, inspire and encourage the missionaries supported by our church.
3. Educate, equip and inspire people to increased involvement in serving in the ministry of missions.

Matt Campbell

Kristi Toews

Pat Burman

Heather Schmuland

Keith Frew

Doug Fordham